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What is Xypper?

XYpper automatically connects broker with carriers in real time.

As a carrier, XYpper lets you display your available capacity, load, and location to customers. The XYpper app uses GPS on your mobile device to detect your location and connect you with the closest available shipment, so you can pick up while on the go.

Brokers can easily connect with suitable trucks from XYpper's large network of carriers throughout Canada, USA, and Mexico.


  • Real-Time available equipment and Lane Search
  • Real-Time Order Confirmation, BOL & POD with Signature Capture
  • Connect to your TMS (API) or use the integrated TMS
  • Track Your Freight in Real-Time
  • Invoice customers instantly upon delivery
  • No monthly subscription fees


  • Lane(s) Posting
  • Private Messaging Alerts
  • Signature Capture for Proof of Delivery
  • Live Search for Available Freight
  • Automated Invoicing, BOL and Order Confirmation(TMS)


Don't waste time browsing for loads

XYpper connects you with loads ready for pick-up based on your area, equipment, and available capacity.

Maximize profits with multiple loads

XYpper automatically updates your load capacity and connects you with new loads as you go to maximize route profitability.

Get paid quicker

Capture the receiver's signature directly through the mobile app and let XYpper deliver the POD and invoice instantly.

Grow your Business With True Live Load Matching

Download FREE XYpper apps and
get instant access to a load near you.

Managing a fleet?

Sign up for FREE to gain access to XYpper's Fleet Managagement Platform today.


Pinpoint Carriers In Real Time

XYpper lets you track the exact location of a carrier so you can stop worrying about late pick-ups and deliveries.

Easily Connect With Carriers

Easily locate and connect with available carriers that suit your needs using XYpper's Live Truck Search and Live Map

Book More Shipments

Xypper does the dirty work for you so you can stop wasting time on the phone and make your business more efficient.

Automatic Freight Matching, No Phone Call Headaches

Sign up today, it's FREE.

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We are Proud to Partner With:

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